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I have just retired and am in the process of changing this website. I am no longer taking on new assignments….YIPPEE..!!


This is an excursion into the studio for a series of images that are an observation of life, living on the mid north coast of NSW.  

Firstly I found a tiny beach at the foot of a headland that is incessantly pounded by the sea. The rocks on this beach have been worn to a point where their roundness is complete, with no cracks, indentations nor imperfections. Beautiful to see and uniquely ‘soft’ to hold.

On the same beach there are washes of driftwood bleached by the sun and visually striking in contrast to the rocks. Very DISSIMILAR to the rocks but yet CONNECTED by the action of the sea.

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Families Abound

Old Growth

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Heritage in Decline

Galleries Avian Abundance Families Abound Fruit Bats Heritage in Decline Mangroves, Life in Abundance Night Camp Old Growth Our Mighty Rivers Python Time! Shipwreck Tawny Frogmouths 2 Tawny Frogmouths 1 Whale Watching Love and Hatred Urban Sprawl

Love and Hatred

Urban Sprawl

These nondescript, inanimate objects challenged me to showcase for others,  the beauty I had originally seen in them.

My subjects were delicately balanced with hairlike precision (except ‘Families Abound’ that has some glue) to build the story I wanted to convey.

Each installation was delicately lit and photographed, thus recording the scene.

Enjoy the journey, and hopefully with a little imagination you may see some of my observations in the works…!